Steve Mills - Management Recruiters International Franchise

Mr Steve Mills of Management Recruiters International or MRI Network was at the time of the events described here, the Managing Director of MRI Worldwide, MRIWW. He had the responsibility for the franchise control of many Management Recruiters International franchised offices around the globe. Since then, CDI Corporation, the owners of Management Recruiters International, have split part of the Network into a master franchise. He was then appointed to be CEO of MRINetwork Ltd., the master franchisee. That meant that Mr Steve Mills of Management Recruiters International then had day-to-day franchiser responsibility for all MRI franchises around the globe with exception of the USA and Japan. Bearing in mind that MRINetwork claim to be represented in 35 countries (source MRINetwork web site), that means that he was then overseeing the MRI Network franchise control of 33 countries worldwide (or approximately 95% of the countries that MRINetwork is currently represented in). On 30th November 2007, Steve Mills resigned from MRINetwork.

Steve Mills returned to the USA took a role as President of Banister International, a small recruitment company that has its roots in MRI Network. Whilst he appeared on Banisters web site as President for some time, he does not appear to hold that role any longer. All references to him has now been erased from their web site. I note with interest that he omits to mention his brief role as President of Banister International from his work history on Linkedin. Steve Mills is now President of Armstrong Franklin, another small recruitment company based in Philadelphia that has Patrick Sylvester as a common link between them.

Steve Mills issues

The issues that I am going to raise here are based on my personal experiences with Mr Steve Mills and knowledge subsequently gained from internal documents that Management Recruiters International were forced to release during 'discovery', the legal process that precedes litigation. Plus Mr Steve Mill's personal affidavits recorded under oath in Ohio Courts during the same process. There are a substantial number of ethical franchise issues that I will be raising in detail, but too much for one communication. Consequently I shall be writing a number of letters to Roger H Ballou, CEO of CDI Corporation detailing these ethical franchise issues over the coming weeks and months. The issues discussed are based on factual events that took place with my interaction with Management Recruiters International, mainly Steve Mills and their parent company CDI Corporation. I invite readers to review the facts and for their own opinion about the franchise ethics of MRINetwork franchise and CDI Corporation as franchisers. See if you believe that MRINetwork's business practices are fair and reasonable as a franchiser. Consider why Roger H Ballou of CDI Corporation keeps sidestepping the ethical franchise issues.

You can read my open letters to Roger H Ballou about the issues surrounding Steve Mills of Management Recruiters International by clicking on the links below as they are added. Or you can read the full summary of letters to Roger H Ballou of CDI Corporation.

MRI Network Misrepresentation for Years

Read about the Steve Mills franchise misrepresentation. Read how they represented someone who's franchise agreement had expired years earlier and who was in astonishing (and growing) arrears on franchise royalty payment was misrepresented for years as a genuine franchisee by MRINetwork. See how MRINetwork's senior management behaved when they knew a genuine franchisee who was mislead by MRI Network's misrepresentation was about to work with him in the false belief that he was regular MRINetwork franchisee. Form your own opinion on the ethics of MRI Network and the ethics of CDI Corporation as a global recruitment franchise organisation.

Steve Mills of MRI Network Denies Responsibility

The facts are discussed around the consequences of the years of misrepresentation by MRINetwork leading to Steve Mills denial of responsibility. Roger H Ballou of CDI Corporation, owners of MRINetwork is asked if he denies responsibility too. Read the facts and form your own opinion on MRI Network ethics as a recruitment franchiser.

Steve Mills Coercion and Negligence of MRI Network franchise

Read how Steve Mills of Management Recruiters International attempted to force me into signing a get-out clause for MRI Networks negligence. Read that actual words and phases he used in his attempts to coerce me into signing this 'let' against Management Recruiters International negligence.

Steve Mills - MRINetwork break agreements

Read how Steve Mills made and then repeatedly broke written agreements with franchisee. Also how he misrepresented the truth to his own management in MRI Network and CDI Corporation.

Steve Mills Lies on Oath

Read Steve Mills statements on oath as he misleads Ohio Courts.

Steve Mills COO MRI WorldWide Illogical Statements

Read the blatantly illogical statements by Steve Mills COO of MRI Worldwide whilst on Oath. Consider his thinking ability and business acumen, or perhaps the lack of it. Consider the similarities between him and Roger H Ballou.

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