Steve Mills MRI Network Deposition

Read Steve Mills' false statements made to Ohio Court. This astonishing lies were made on oath.

Background to Steve Mills, COO of MRI Worldwide lies.

  • My MRI Network franchise lost substantial sums of money through inter working with Mr JW. This person was falsely represented by the franchiser, MRI Network, for years as a regular franchisee. But his franchise agreement had expired years earlier and he was in massive and growing debt to MRINetwork. Read to facts about MRI Network franchise misrepresentation.
  • I started legal action to get this unethical franchiser into court. During this process, Steve Mills was forced to answer questions on oath. This was recorded and I will show one of those astonishing statements below.
  • Read the statements and contrast them against the facts and draw your own conclusions.

---------------------- Start of 13th mail about Steve Mills lies sent to Roger H Ballou -----------------------

16th January 2010

Mr Roger H Ballou
President and Chief Executive Officer
CDI Corporation

Mr Ballou

Steve Mills MRI Network Lies on Oath

I am now going to detail one statements that Steve Mills COO of MRI Worldwide made on oath.

As you will recall, Steve Mills was forced to answer questions in connection with your franchise misrepresentation. He swore on oath that the answers provided were truthful. A court official recorded the question and answer session. That process was called a deposition and is now a public record.

The question relates to the get-out clause that Steve Mills attempted to coerce me into signing to get-out or release MRI Network from any liability for your years of franchise misrepresentation.

I show below the exact words used by my attorney and Steve Mills replies:


Why did you ask Mr Stewart for a release?

Steve Mills replied:

Tell me what you mean by a release?


Well in a number of your emails and correspondence and apparently telephone conversations there was a repeated request for Mr Stewart to give MRI Worldwide a release based on Mr JW.

Steve Mills replied:

Iím not sure I ever used the word release in an email.


Do you have any recollection of that? What word did you use?

Steve Mills replied:

Iím not sure Iíve ever used the word in emails with Mr Stewart.


But you never asked Ė you donít recall sitting here right now that you ever asked Mr Stewart to release MRI World Wide or yourself from responsibility for the Mr JW problem? You donít recall that?

Steve Mills replied:

Absolutely not. No I never asked Mr. Stewart for a release.

Steve Mills lies on Oath

So here we have it Mr Roger H Ballou, Steve Mills told a blatant lie to the Ohio Courts on Oath.

You may notice how Steve Mills COO of MRI Worldwide franchise attempted to sidestep the issue in his initial reply by saying he never used that specific word (release) in emails. That may be true, but that was an evasive answer. My attorney then pinned Steve Mills of MRI Network with his next question asking specifically if he ever asked for a release from responsibility for the problems relating to Mr JW. His answer was "Absolutely not. No I never asked Mr. Stewart for a release." That Mr Roger H Ballou was a blatant lie on oath.

You will recall that Mr Steve Mills not only did ask for a release for MRINetwork's negligence and unethical misrepresentation, but applied coercion in an attempt to force me into signing such a get-out clause or release. You can see many of the actual words and phrases he used in my earlier correspondence to you in MRINetwork coercion.

Steve Mills of MRINetwork was so insistent on getting this release that he even said that he would not be prepared to help with the problem that I faced. Ironically this problem was caused by your unethical misrepresentation of Mr JW and your total disregard to your franchise responsibility.

Steve Mills became so obsessed with attempting to gain this release from me that it dominated our discussions. In one of my mails, I raised this very point when I said:

Sent: 05 February 2003 16:21
To: 'Steve Mills'


Thank your for your call last night and again today.

A major part of our discussion has been around your wish for me to state some words that absolve you of some form of liability for your action or inactions. I have repeatedly stated that I will not do that.

I now understand from your call earlier today that unless I do this, you are not prepared to work with me over the Mr JW and Global Consultancy problems that I face.†You have made it clear that working together is conditional on me agreeing your proposed or similar words.

Steve Mills continued focus on this topic was a real block to dealing with the problem your company created by the years of franchise misrepresentation as to who was and who was not a real MRI Network franchisee. Remember that Steve Mills congratulated me in working with Mr JW and winning a substantial contract with a global consultancy. As you can see from my correspondence above, Mr Steve Mills' obsession on getting me to give MRI Network a 'release' against dominated our discussion and was a significant barrier to progress.

Steve Mills then offered to pen a set of words for me to sign as a 'release' for MRI Network's liability. I told him that there was no point as I had no intention of signing any such get-out clause or release. He was however insistent that he should send me his words and asked me to consider once again signing this release.

Let me show you the actual set of words Steve Mills insisted on sending me after my numerous refusals to give a 'get-out' or 'release' clause for MRINetwork's negligence.

Steve Mills proposed release.

Bob, here is the form of words proposed.

"I confirm that I did not intend to suggest in my e-mail of 28th January 2003 that MRI Worldwide had been in breach of any legal duty towards me in not advising me of Mr J W's indebtedness to MRI Worldwide, and to the extent that what I said has been interpreted and explained to me, I unequivocally withdraw that statement."

Steve Mills of MRI Network added the comments:

Bob, a quick note to confirm our last conversation.

I am happy to discuss the proposed form of words, either by way of addition, deletion or variation, but I must have something.

This offer remains open for a further 24 hours to give you more time to consider your position.

Remember that the Steve Mills obsession in getting this 'release' was against my reasonable comments I made after he revealed to me that Mr JW was in serious debt to MRI Worldwide. In my mail to Mr Mills I said:

Corporate have known for almost a year that I have been working with Mr JW on this account. I have even had discussions with people at Corporate explaining that the global consultancy are poor payers. I do feel that someone might have warned us that Mr JW had a serious financial problem. I would then have taken steps sooner to safeguard our position that we now face. (extract)

Of course at that time, I did not know the full scale of the franchise deception that MRI Network franchise had maintained for years. That is, that Mr JW's franchise contract agreement had expired years earlier. Nor did I know that his debts were continuing to mount to massive levels. Neither did I know that MRI Network were threatening Mr JW with legal action if he did not pay you whilst he still owed me money.

As you know Mr Roger H Ballou, Steve Mills then resorted to coercion in an attempt to gain this 'release'. You can see some of the actual words he used in my earlier mail to you on MRI Network franchise coercion.

Steve Mills MRI Network Lie

It is absolutely not credible that Steve Mills of MRINetwork could not remember the efforts and time he put into attempting to force and coerce me in signing a 'release' for MRI Worldwide relating to Mr JW.

Steve Mills' astonishing words of "Absolutely not. No I never asked Mr. Stewart for a release." is nothing more than a bare faced lie. A lie that was made on oath to the Ohio Courts as a senior executive of MRI Worldwide franchise.

MRI Network Franchise ethics

Once again Mr Roger H Ballou, we have a repetition of a common thread of misrepresentation and lies and dubious ethical standards from both MRINetwork franchise and from CDI Corporation

For example:

Roger H Ballou, at one of your quarterly financial reviews you made misleading and untruthful statements to CDI Corporation shareholders

Joseph R Seiders misstatements to Ohio Court, again made on oath.

MRI Network misrepresentation for years.

MRI Network franchise coercion applied by Steve Mill COO of MRI Worldwide.

MRI Network breaking of written agreements.

Anders Elite fined. Although not directly related to this situation I notice that your wholly owned subsidiary Anders Elite has recently been found guilty of anti-competitive behaviour and fined £7.6 Million UK Pounds (approximately $12.2 Million US Dollars) by the Office of Fair Trading.

COO MRI Worldwide Steve Mills makes illogical statements whilst on oath.

Roger Ballou Fails to Manage

Don't you think Mr Ballou that it about time you face up to these systemic ethical problems you have with MRI Network franchise and CDI Corporation? I have tried on many occasions to get you to address these issues. However you have chosen to consistently refuse to manage your company ethics or bring them in line with credible ethical standards. Your lack of answers Mr Ballou is in my opinion a demonstrable example of where the basic problem lies. You continue to stick your 'head in the sand' and hope that this continuing problem will just go away. Well Mr Ballou, management is about tackling problems, not just ignoring them. Someone in your position should know that.

Ethical Standards

Ethical standard of any company are set and run from the very top of the organisation. That is you Mr Roger H Ballou, not some empty words in your company documents that are there just for show. You need to deliver ethical standards in your actions and take remedial action when errors occur. For example having told misleading and untruthful statements to CDI Corporation shareholders on 26th July 2007, you simply chose to let those lies stand. That error in ethical standards and failure to take remedial action ripples through your companies. If you cannot be ethical then you can expect your subordinates to follow your example. Your inaction and silence on these issues says a great deal and is a very worrying signal to CDI Corporation shareholders.

I look forward to your comments and reply. As always my door is still open for you to start the discussion, if you ever decide to 'manage' instead of 'ducking' these important ethical issues and problems with MRINetwork franchise and CDI Corporation.

I will be publishing this open letter on my web site shortly.

Bob Stewart
CDI Corporation Shareholder