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CDI Corp Home Page. Overview of Management Recruiters International franchise ethics and CDI Corporation issues and problems relating to their franchise known as MRINetwork.

About CDI Corporation. Overview of CDI Corporation, (NYSE CDI) and their subsidiaries and importance of Management Recruiters International to CDI Corp revenue.

About MRINetwork. Overview of Management Recruiters International and its importance to CDI Corporation's revenue stream and bottom line profit and shareholders.

MRI Network Problems Encountered. Background to the problems that I encountered within the Management Recruiters International and the implication to other franchisees and CDI Corporation revenues.

MRI Network Misrepresentation and/or fraud. Showing how someone who's franchise agreement had expired and was in huge mounting debt for years was falsely represented as a regular franchisee by MRINetwork for years.

MRINetwork Breach of Contract. Showing how my franchise contract was breached and how other Management Recruiters International franchisee's contracts may also have been breached by the actions and inactions of MRI and CDI Corporation and their misrepresentation.

Roger H Ballou's response. Introduces my communication with Roger H Ballou and gives an overview of his sidestepping and failing to answer specific ethical franchise issues. It introduces the specific email questions, discusses Roger H Ballou's lack of willingness to discuss or address these important ethical franchise problems.

Roger H Ballou - Damage to MRINetwork Explains why I believe that the actions and inactions taken by CDI Corporation and MRINetwork, plus the lack of management control, will lead to severe damage to the revenue streams, in the longer term to CDI Corporation profits. In particular it explains why I believe that this breach of contract on my MRINetwork franchise agreement is equally applicable to most, if not all, other Management Recruiters International franchisees today.

Roger H Ballou Denial Quotes R H Ballou from his public statements to shareholders at the CDI Corporation quarterly review on 26th July 2007. It contrasts his statements against the facts and questions if Roger H Ballou is going to make a public clarification to what I believe to be totally misleading information that he has given to CDI Corporations shareholders.

Roger H Ballou - Lack of Replies This explains my concerns over Roger H Ballou's lack of willingness to clarify specific issues that have been raised with him. In particular it addresses the outstanding questions over his Sarbanes-Oxley reporting for CDI Corporation. It asks the obvious question, why does Roger H Ballou keep sidestepping these questions and failing to answer them.

Roger H Ballou legacy for CDI Corporation. Roger Ballou resigns as CEO of CDI Corporation but leaves the company with an appalling legacy of poor performance and ethical standards.

Liar on the Board of Fox Chase Bancorp. Roger H Ballou, now resigned from CDI Corporation is still working as a Board member of Fox Chase Bank. Tom Petro, CEO of Fox Case Bank, is now fully aware that he is employing a known liar. Read the facts.

Fox Chase Bank ethics. Tom Petro, CEO of Fox Chase Bancorp, chooses to continue to employ a liar on the main Board of the Bank. Read the facts.

Fox Chase Bank Review. Read my second mail to Tpm Petro asking why he has chosen to continue employing a Liar on the banks main board.

Steve Mills' approach. Introduction to Steve Mills position in Management Recruiters International. The information presented is based on personal interaction with Steve Mills plus documents that MRI Network were forced to release during discovery.

Steve Mills' - MRI Network Misrepresentation Explains the misrepresentation that was created by Management Recruiters International, perpetuated for years and reinforced by Steve Mills. It explains his personal knowledge and involvement and discusses his actions and inactions.

Joseph R Seiders Explains who Joseph R Seiders is within CDI Corporation, and introduces his voluntary statements made under oath (affidavit) made to the Ohio Courts.

Joseph R Seiders' affidavit. Shows the sworn statements made by Joseph R Seiders of CDI Corporation and contrasts these statements with other facts and questions the validity and truthfulness of his statements he made to the Ohio Courts.

Joseph R Seiders is about to retire from CDI Corporation. Read the dates and the package details.

Sarbanes-Oxley Concerns about CDI Corporation. Introduction to the Sarbanes-Oxley issues that Roger H Ballou should have complied with legally in the write off of the JW debt of over £170,000 UK Pounds (approximately $316,000 USD). It asks why does Roger H Ballou, keeps sidestepping this SOX issue for CDI Corporation and refuses to answer?

Sarbanes-Oxley Concerns about CDI Corporation (1) Historical background to the events leading to the write-off of over £170,000 UK Pounds (approximately $316,000 USD) by CDI for the debts they allowed Mr JW to accrue. It asks again for the simple statement of how much was written off and when under the legal requirements of Sarbanes-Oxley for CDI Corporation.

Sarbanes-Oxley Concerns about CDI Corporation (2) Once again asking Roger H Ballou to clarify the detail of his legal requirements under Sarbanes-Oxley, and to state when and how much of the debt of Mr JW (over £170,000 UK Pounds, approximately $316,000 USD) was correctly written off and when.

Steve Mills of MRI Network denies responsibility. The facts are discussed around the consequences of the years on misrepresentation by MRINetwork leading to Steve Mills denial of responsibility. Roger H Ballou CEO of CDI Corporation, owners of Management Recruiters International is asked if he denies responsibility too.

About Franchises - franchise ethics. Discusses generic franchise concepts. Explains the benefits of franchises, assuming that they are run and controlled ethically by the franchisor. It highlights some of the potential problems if the franchise is not run ethically.

CDI Corporation Stock has been under performing for years. Read the details and comparisons against other NYSE Stock and the questions asked of Roger H Ballou, CEO of CDI Corporation.

Management Recruiters International coercion. Read about how Steve Mills tried and tried again to force franchisee into signing a get-out clause for MRI Networks negligence.

Management Recruiters International Franchise Ethics. Read how MRI Network break their agreement repeatedly and how Steve Mills Managing Director of MRIWW misleads his own management.

AndersElite Fined. CDI Corporation's subsidiary has been found guilty and fined around $12 million US Dollars (£7.6 million UK Pounds) by the Office of Fair Trading for anti-competitive trading practices.

Steve Mills lies to Ohio Courts. Read the astonishing words that Steve Mills told Ohio Courts whilst on oath.

Steve Mills COO MRI Worldwide makes blatantly illogical statements to Ohio Courts whilst on oath. Read his words and consider his business acumen

Department of Justice investigate CDI Corporation. The DOJ are investigation CDI under the False Claims Act.

CDI Corporation fined $1.95 million Dollars by Department of Justice. Read the statement by US DOJ

Steve Mills COO MRI Worldwide illogical statements that he made to Ohio Courts whilst on Oath.

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