Steve Mills, COO of MRI Worldwide Business Acumen

Read the astonishing statements made by Steve Mills, COO of MRI Worldwide whilst under oath.

Steve Mills was on oath defending the years of franchise misrepresentation by MRI Network when he made the most bizarre and illogical statements. Read his actual words and the illogical statements he made. Consider his business acumen or perhaps his lack of it.

Does Steve Mills suffer from the same problems that Roger H Ballou exhibits? Specifically the inability to face and deal with difficult ethical and morale franchise problems. Read the facts and form your own opinion.

---------------------- Start of 15th mail about Steve Mills COO MRI Worldwide -----------------------

6th September 2010

Mr Roger H Ballou
President and Chief Executive Officer
CDI Corporation

Mr Ballou

Steve Mills MRI Network COO Business Acumen

I am now going to detail more statements that Steve Mills COO of MRI Worldwide made whilst on oath.

As you know, Steve Mills COO of MRI Worldwide was forced to answer questions in connection with your franchise misrepresentation. He swore on oath that the answers provided were truthful. A court official recorded the question and answer session. That process was called a deposition and is now a public record.

The question relates to the years of MRI Network franchise misrepresentation that you Mr Roger H Ballou presided over. You will be aware that you falsely represented Mr JW as a regular MRI Network franchisee in good standing. As you know Mr Roger H Ballou, that was very far from the truth. You maintained this fraudulent franchise deception for years as highlighted in many of my earlier mails to you.

Steve Mills' illogical statements

On 4th May 2006 my Attorney asked Mr Steve Mills when he thought Mr JW's MRI Network franchise contract had expired. As you and I know Mr Roger H Ballou, Mr JW's MRI Network franchise contract started in 1989 and was for 10 years and it terminated in 1999.

Mr Steve Mills answered this by referring to a meeting he held with Mr JW on 18th February 2003, that is 4 years after it expired, saying that he told Mr JW that he considered the franchise contact was still in place.

His exact words were:

OK. I told Mr JW that in our opinion the contract was still in place by virtue of his behavior. And by behavior I mean things such as he attended training courses, paying royalties, working on IOR splits, using the MRI trademark. His general behavior and demeanor were those of an MRI Franchisee.

How bizarre is that, Mr Roger H Ballou? Here in the words of Steve Mills COO of MRI Network, he claims Mr JW's MRI Network franchise contract was still in place in his opinion because he was acting as a regular MRI Network franchisee including paying royalties. But we all now know that he had not paying you any royalties for years. Steve Mills knew that. Many people in CDI Corporation knew that.

MRI Network and CDI Corporation Deception

In fact, at your acquisition of the franchise, in April 1999, Mr JW owed £31,785 UK Pounds (approximately $59,000 US Dollars) to the MRI Network in unpaid franchise royalties. This situation got worse as he continued to fail to pay royalties. His debts grew year on year culminating in a total debt of £170,477.60 Pounds (approximately $316,000 US Dollars). You know these figures are correct as they were recorded in correspondence from your MRI Network corporate management to your senior people in CDI Corporation. Additionally you know that you issued a Statutory Demand for the sum of £170,477.60 on 27th March 2003 to Mr JW and/or his Company for outstanding debts.

How then could Steve Mills make such a crass statement as saying he told Mr JW that he considered his contract was effectively still in place as he was acting as a MRI Network franchisee including paying royalties. He was, and had been a known problem to you and your colleagues for years. A startling fact that you chose to keep secret whilst maintaining your years of deception to all other franchisees and to clients of MRI Network.

In fact a few minutes later in the same deposition when asked about his lack of payment of royalties my attorney asked Steve Mills, COO of MRI Network:

Now Mr JW did have a payment plan back with you in 2001 didn't he?

Steve Mills COO of MRI Network replied:

Yes he did.

My attorney then asked:

What was that payment plan?

Steve Mills replied.

He was to pay us a certain amount on a monthly basis to clear the arrear and hold royalties as they fell due.

My attorney then asked:

Did he keep to that plan?

Mills replied.


My attorney then asked.

Did you make any subsequent agreement with him in 2002?

Mills replied

I believe so.

My attorney asked.

Did he keep to that payment plan?

Mills replied.


So how can we reconcile these illogical statements from Steve Mills COO of MRI Network?

By Steve Mills own statements made on oath and only a few minutes apart, Mr JW was considered to be still in a franchise contract because he was acting as a franchisee by paying royalties. Then Steve Mills goes on to explain that he was not paying royalties.

I believe most people of modest intelligence (e.g. a 10 year old school boy) could see that these two statements by Steve Mills COO of MRI Network are complete nonsense.

Steve Mills' Intellectual Ability

I do not think that many people would have said that Steve Mills was of high intellect. I believe he exhibited an air of pompous self importance that some people found abrasive. His egotistical manner left a poor impression with many genuine MRI Network franchisees. He left school without gaining any qualification of note and did not enter into higher education. The opinions that I encountered about Steve Mills was that he was not the 'sharpest tool in the box' and that opinion is borne out by his lack of any academic achievements. However, surely even he could see the stupidity of his statements.

So why did Steve Mills make such idiotic and illogical statements?. Well, I can only guess. Perhaps he suffers from the same problem as you Mr Roger H Ballou. Specifically the inability to face and deal with real problems. For years you have had your head stuck in the sand as you continually refuse to deal with the ethical issues that I have repeatedly raised with you. These problems are not hypothetical, but real ethical franchise problems that are documented. Yet you continually choose to pretend that they do not exist. How naive is that? I would suggest that your behavior is not appropriate for someone in your position.

Steve Mills and Roger H Ballou both lie

We know that you do share some qualities with Steve Mills. For example you both lie. You, Mr Roger H Ballou, lied to shareholders on record in an astonishingly crass attempt to avoid facing the truth. Specifically you lied to CDI Corporation shareholders on Thursday 26th July 2007, at your quarterly results conference call. Mills lied to you on 24th February 2003 when he falsely claimed that Mr JW had told me of his growing debt to MRI Network franchise. Steve Mills also lied on oath when talking about his attempts in obtaining a get-out or release for your franchise misrepresentation.

Perhaps your inability to face and deal with issues is a common attribute that you and Steve Mills both share. In any event, Steve Mills has demonstrated a questionable logical thinking ability and dubious business acumen. Similarly demonstrated by you on Thursday 26th July 2007 at your quarterly results conference call when you told a complete bare faced lie to CDI Corporation Shareholders.

I do not expect a reply to this letter, as it does not specifically ask for one. It is also apparent that you have consistently refused to face up to and address answer earlier questions that raised deep ethical problems that you, CDI Corporation and MRI Network have demonstrated. However, my door will remain open and I will continue to encourage you to reply to my earlier ethical and moral issues that I have raised and urge you to take some management action.

I will publish this open letter on my web site shortly.

Bob Stewart
CDI Corporation Shareholder

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