Joseph R Seiders makes false statements to Ohio Courts

After my franchise business lost substantial sums of money through the MRINetwork Problems, and Roger H Ballou consistently refused to answer my formal complaint, I started to explore legal action against MRI.

What surprised me was the response from CDI Corporation, the owners of Management Recruiters International. One aspect of this was the statements that Joseph Seiders voluntarily made to the US Courts in order to avert that action. The sworn statement was made under oath and is called an affidavit. In my opinion some of those statements cannot be true.

I will show those statements and the rationale that I believe that shows some of the sworn statements of Joseph R Seiders are false.

Joseph R Seiders Statements

To achieve the representation of the facts and statements, I will show a letter that I wrote to Roger H Ballou, CEO of CDI Corporation.

What is interesting to note is that Roger H Ballou has refused to answer or respond to any of the points that I raised. I invite readers to form their own views based upon the facts as presented in my letter as well as Roger H Ballou's silence and refusal to comment to the apparent misstatements by Joseph R Seiders. Mr Seiders is one of his most senior people on the of CDI Corporation management team.

Detail of Joseph R Seiders Affidavit Statements

View that letter I wrote to Roger H Ballou, stating Joseph R Seiders affidavit statements to the Ohio Courts and why I believe that they cannot be true. Form your own opinion on his ethics and that of CDI Corporation.

Joseph R Seiders - CDI Corporation

Joseph R. Seiders, age 62, has been the Senior Vice President and General Counsel of CDI Corporation since 1987. In March 2009 he became CDI Corporations Chief Legal Officer. He is one of the most senior members of the CDI Corporation's management team.

In 2005 his cash compensation from CDI Corporation was $315,398 USD plus stock options of $225,414 USD. Source:

In 2007 his salary from CDI Corporation was $287,333 US Dollars plus other options and awards bringing his total compensation to $564,359 USD. (source: Forbes 2009)

In 2008 his total compensation package was $433,522.00 US Dollars.

In 2009 his total compensation package was $329,059.00 US Dollars. Source

In 2010 hia total compensation package was $387,263.00 US Dollars

He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and an MBA from La Salle College and a Law degree from Temple University. He is clearly an educated man and must know the difference between truth and lies. Sometimes people give only part of the truth that can be misinterpreted into a false conclusion. However, I believe that some of Joseph R Seiders statements, made on oath to the Ohio courts, to be totally false and deliberately misleading. Read the facts for yourself and see what you think.

The role of General Council to CDI Corporation that Joseph Seiders relinquished in March 2009 was taken over by by Brian D Short

Joseph R Seiders is now in the process of retiring from CDI Corporation. Read Joseph R Seiders retirement dates and finacial package details.

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