Fox Chase Bank

Fox Chase Bank has a liar on their Company Board. That person is Roger H Ballou.

Until recently Roger Ballou was the CEO of CDI Corporation. January 2011 he resigned from the position. Ballou does however work as a consultant in a number of of other organisations including Fox Chase Bank, where he has been employed as a Board member since February 2001.

I have written to Tom Petro the current CEO of Fox Chase Bank to enquire whether he is comfortable having a known liar on the management Board of Fox Chase Bank.

It will be of interest to clients and potential clients to Fox Chase Bank to see how Tom Petro responds to this knowledge. Will he accept the continuation of a liar on the Board, and therefore condone the unethical behaviour of Ballou, or will he take some other course of action to protect the ethics and standing of Fox Chase Bank. Watch this space to see what Tom Petro does or does not do.

--------------- Start of 1st mail to Tom Petro CEO of Fox Chase Bank ----------------

17th March 2011

Mr Tom Petro
Fox Chase Bank

Tom Petro

Roger H Ballou lies to shareholders

Fox Chase Bank Board

I am writing to you personally to enquire whether you are comfortable having a person on the board of Fox Chase Bank who has a proven track record of lying to shareholders.

That person is Roger H Ballou. He is on-record and the facts can be reviewed when Mr Ballou lied to CDI Corporation shareholders.

As CEO of Fox Chase Bank you are responsible for the ethics of the company. Your stance on these issues will inevitably percolate through the rest of your organisation.

Most people of moderate ethical standards would agree that lying to shareholders is morally and ethically wrong. Roger Ballou flouted these ethics and his lies that he told to CDI Corporation shareholders were caught on record. Despite this being brought to his attention he decided to ‘stick his head into the sand’ and let his bare faced lies stand. Not the ethical behaviour appropriate of someone in the position of authority and responsible guiding a major corporation.

You can read Roger H Ballou’s lies at

Fox Chase Bank Ethics

The issue that you now face is that this unethical behaviour of your board member has been brought to your attention. You therefore have a choice.

  • 1. To continue with Roger Ballou on the board of Fox Chase Bank as a proven liar.
  • 2. Take some remedial action to address this problem for Fox Chase Bank.

If you continue to allow Ballou to remain on your board, you will be seen as accepting his unethical and immoral behaviour and that will impact on the standing of Fox Chase Bank.

If you choose to discuss this with Ballou, it will be very interesting to know whether he continues to lie again in a cover-up attempt or whether he openly admits that he was lying to shareholders.

Fox Chase Bank Decision

This may be a difficult problem for you. However, the ethics and standards of Fox Chase Bank are at stake. What you do or do not do will be watched by your shareholders and clients alike. I also believe it will set the scene for your ethical stance on behalf of Fox Chase Bank.

This may well prove to be a defining moment for Fox Chase Bank. Your choice of what you now do or fail to do could have long term implications for Fox Chase.

I wait with interest for your decision on this issue. You can contact me via email if you choose to. I am happy to provide you with any clarification on the subject.

In any event I will publish this open letter on this website for the world to watch your action or lack of it as you choose.

Bob Stewart
CDI Corporation Shareholder

--------------- End of 1st mail to Tom Petro CEO of Fox Chase Bank ----------------

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