Fox Chase Bank

Fox Chase Bank has a liar on their Company Board. That person is Roger H Ballou. Ballou was caught on-record lying to CDI Corporation shareholders when he was CEO of that company.

Tom Petro, CEO of Fox Chase Bank was made fully aware of this fact in March 2011. Petro has chosen to continue to employ this known liar on the main Board of the Bank.

See Tom Petro's reply to the information.

See my comments to Tom Petro's reply.

--------------- Start of 1st mail from Tom Petro CEO of Fox Chase Bank ----------------

9th August 2011

Bob Stewart
CDI Corporation Shareholder

Dear Mr Stewart:

We are in receipt of your of your email correspondence on March 17, 2011 and June 1, 2011 concerning Roger H Ballou. We have shared your communication with the relevant committees of the Board of Directors of Fox Case Bancorp, Inc., who have in turn discussed the matter and made such enquiries as appropriate.

We appreciate your interest in Fox Chase Bancorp.

Thomas M Petro
President and Chief Executive Officer

--------------- End of 1st mail from Tom Petro CEO of Fox Chase Bank ----------------

Comment on Tom Petro's response

What is most interesting about Tom Petro's reply is that it actually says nothing other than they have received the information and committees of the Bank have reviewed it. What it fails to say is whether the Committees of Fox Chase Bancorp are content to employ a known liar on the Bank's main Board or not.

One might imagine that they would take a dim view of Roger H Ballou's known and recorded history of telling blatant bare-faced lies to shareholders.

However, month's have now elapsed since Tom Petro was made aware of this issue, but nothing has happened and Ballou is still employed as a Board Member of Fox Chase Bank.

It would therefore seem to be a reasonable assumption that Petro and his management team are indeed quite comfortable with employing this known liar on the Board of Fox Chase Bancorp.

I will be writing to Tom Petro, CEO of Fox Chase Bancorp, again shortly to establish this fact and I will publish his reply on this web site.

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