Management Recruiters International

MRINetwork, is a global recruiting franchise. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of CDI Corporation. MRI Inc. is the USA based and original part of the MRI Network franchise.

Their international expansion was achieved when CDI Corporation, the current owners, purchased the Humana International Group (HIG) in April 1999. Shortly after the acquisition of HIG, it was renamed to Management Recruiters International WorldWide (MRIWW) and integrated into the Management Recruiters network, thereby achieving global expansion to their previously USA based franchised recruitment business.

Some time ago, CDI Corporation stated that this franchised recruitment network had 1100 offices in over 35 countries. Although more recently I think they show the number of franchised recruitment offices is in decline.

People like me who purchased a franchise from HIG did so from a UK owned recruitment franchisor. After the acquisition in April 1999, the company was a USA owned and managed recruitment franchisor. This was reflected in many aspects from direction to the senior management team who where largely USA based.

MRI Network Management

Doug Bugie, the Managing Director of HIG was replaced by Steve Mills. Steve Mills brought his own 'style' of management to the franchise and some of his actions and consequences of those actions are highlighted within this web site, including:

MRI Network Management Turnover

MRI Network under the new ownership of CDI Corporation have made a number of changes to their top management team. People have come and gone at regular intervals. Quite surprising when you consider that they sell franchises in recruitment and claim to be able to find the best people. Perhaps they do not find the right people. Perhaps there are other issues that cause this churn of people at the top of Management Recruiters International.

Changes in Presidents at MRI Network since Allen Schonburg left in 1999 have been quite rapid. Allen Salikof lasted for around 6 years. Then came Bill Olsen and he lasted just around 16 months. Then came Michael Jalbert and he lasted around two years. More recently (15th October 2008), Tony McKinnon has taken over. Ken Hagerstrom who was the COO of MRI Network came and went in a remarkably short space of time. He lasted just a few months.

Management Recruiters International - Reduction in Franchised Offices

On a recent look (October 2008) an the MRINetwork web site, I searched for all offices in the UK. I was surprised to see that it only listed 46 offices. When I was in the franchise network, prior to the problems of the years of franchise misrepresentation, there were more than 100 offices in the UK. Clearly, this shows a significant demise of successful MRINetwork recruitment franchisees in the UK. I have not tracked the other countries, but perhaps they also show a similar demise in the success of MRI Network franchised offices.

Management Recruiters International - Franchisee Dissatisfaction

Perhaps one reason for this reduction in franchisees is reflected in a recent survey carried out by the MRIFA. The MRIFA stands for Management Recruiters International Franchise Association. It is an organisation run by members of MRI Network and is a voice of the franchisees back to the franchisor. One of the stated membership beliefs of the MRIFA is: to provide a unified voice of MRI Franchisees to protect our collective interests. They represent the franchisees and talk to the franchisor about issues and concerns of its franchisees.

A recent survey (February 2008) carried out by the MRIFA members revealed some startling facts about the satisfaction of MRINetwork franchisees. The franchisees were asked, if their franchise agreement expired today, would they renew it. Less than 20 percent of franchisees replied yes to that question!

That, in my opinion, is a very revealing fact about the health and leadership of MRI Network franchise. It also reflects very poorly on the leadership of this global recruitment franchise. Specifically on Roger H Ballou, CEO of CDI Corporation, and his management team.

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