Management Recruiters International Franchise Ethics

MRI Network or Management Recruiters International is a global recruitment franchise with the brand MRINetwork. They are owned by CDI Corporation, NYSE:CDI, headed by Roger H Ballou. On January 10th 2011 Ballou retired and was replaced by Paulett Eberhart as CEO of CDI Corporation. Read Roger H Ballou legacy for CDI Corpororation.

Read about their business track record and franchise ethics.

  • MRI Network franchise misrepresentation that they maintained and reinforced for years, deceiving all franchisees and clients alike. This fraudulent behaviour giving grounds for current franchisees to terminate their franchise contracts.
  • The way MRINetwork encouraged their franchisees to inter-work with someone they falsely represented as a regular franchisee. MRI Network Franchise Problems
  • Management Recruiters International breach of franchise contract. Giving grounds for current franchisees to terminate their franchise agreements.
  • Roger H Ballou's response. Read the summary of letters to Roger H Ballou, CEO CDI Corporation. Judge for yourself why he consistently refuses to address these ethical problems.
  • MRI Network coercion applied to franchisee in an attempt to obtain a get-out clause for their negligence. Read the facts on what Steve Mills said in his attempts to obtain a 'let' against negligence. Negligence and Coercion.
  • Steve Mills denies responsibility. Read how Steve Mills, managing director of Management Recruiters International WorldWide (MRIWW) sidesteps responsibility. Form your own opinion on his and MRI Network franchise ethics.
  • Roger H Ballou's false statements to shareholders. Read his words and contrast them against the facts. Decide for yourself about his truthfulness and ethics as CEO of CDI Corporation.
  • Joseph R Seiders misstatements. Read the affidavit statements of Joseph R Seiders, General Counsel CDI Corporation. Decide yourself if his statements made under oath are truthful and ethical.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley questions for CDI Corporation. Why does Roger H Ballou refuse to clarify how and when he wrote off the debt? This is a significant loss of around $300,000 US Dollars, 170,477:60 UK Pounds. What is he hiding, was it done correctly?
  • CDI Corporation Stock has under performed against NYSE average since Roger H Ballou has been CEO. Plus MRI Network franchisees own survey showing that only 20% would renew their franchise today if asked to do so.
  • Steve Mills, managing director of MRIWW made and broke written agreements with MRINetwork franchisee.
  • Damage to MRINetwork global recruitment franchise. Read about the effect of their ethics on current and future franchisees.
  • AndersElite (CDI Corporation subsidiary) fined around $12 million US Dollars for anti-competitive behaviour by Office of Fair Trading.
  • Steve Mills misleads Ohio Courts. Read the astonishing lie that Steve Mills told Ohio Courts whilst on oath.
  • CDI Corporation are under investigation by the US Department of Justice for making false claims. They have put aside $4.3 million US Dollars. Department of Justice investigation (DOJ) investigate CDI Corporation.
  • CDI Corporation Fined $1.95 million Dollars by Department of Justice. Read Statement by US DOJ.
  • Read the illogical statements made by Steve Mills COO of MRI Worldwide whilst on oath and consider his business acumen or perhaps his lack of it.
  • Roger H Ballou resigned from CDI Corporation on January 2011. Read the summary of Roger H Ballou's legacy at CDI Corporation.
  • Roger H Ballou still works for a number of other organisations. One of these is Fox Chase Bank where Ballou has been a board member since 2005. In view of Ballou's track record including lying to shareholders, I have written to Tom Petro, CEO of Fox Chase Bank to ask if he is comfortable with having a liar on the company board of Fox Chase.View the letter to Tom Petro CEO Fox Chase Bank
  • Tom Petro, CEO of Fox Chase Bank has replied to the fact that he as a liar on the main Board of Fox Chase Bank. Read Tom Petro's first reply and his lack of clarity on his ethics and intended course of remedial action.
  • Fox Chase Bank continues to employ the known liar on their main Board. Read my second letter to Tom Petro (CEO) about the implications for the Bank and current management. Fox Chase Bank Review

Read how MRI Network treated a franchisee who did as trained and encouraged by their years of franchise deception. Read the facts about this global recruitment franchise and their owners. Form your own opinion on their franchise ethics and business record.

Management Recruiters International - Facts:

MRI Network had a franchisee, Mr JW, at the time of CDI Corporation's acquisition in April 1999. He initially owed outstanding royalty payments of more than £31,785 UK Pounds (approximately $59,000 USD). He had a valid franchise agreement initially, but that expired in November 1999, around 7 months after MRINetwork and CDI Corporation took ownership

For the following years, 1999 to 2003, they continued to misrepresent this person. MRINetwork falsely represented him to the rest of the franchise network and to clients as a regular franchisee. That is a regular franchisee in good standing. Read about the years of franchise misrepresentation.

Over those years, 1999 to 2003, MRI Network continued with this misrepresentation of Mr JW. During this period his debt grew year on year. This culminated in a total franchise debt value of £170,477:60 (approximately $316,000 US Dollars)

I, as a genuine franchisee, started to inter-work with Mr JW, as trained and encouraged by MRINetwork. I did so in the false belief that he was a genuine franchisee. Steve Mills congratulated me in jointly winning the work with Mr JW. He knew I was doing this and offering to share the work with the rest of the franchised network (IOR). Only Steve Mills and others in the MRINetwork Corporate office and CDI Corporation knew the truth. That is, that Mr JW had no franchise agreement. Only MRINetwork and CDI Corporation knew he was in serious and growing debt. Steve Mills chose to keep that secret from me and all real franchisees. He continue with the deliberate deception, and congratulate me for inter-working with Mr JW. This franchise deception continued for nearly 3.5 years and deceived the whole of the franchised network and to clients alike.

Read how MRINetwork and CDI Corporation responded after they drove franchisees towards inter-working with Mr JW with disastrous results. Read the facts on what they did and failed to do and form your own opinion on their franchise ethics

Franchise Ethics

The purpose of this site is to share information and offer free franchise advice. I explain the events that I experienced as a Management Recruiters International franchisee. I show correspondence to Roger H Ballou, CEO CDI Corporation, and referring to related facts. This includes interaction with Steve Mills and Joseph R Seiders. My personal views are clearly stated as that. I invite the readers to form their own unbiased views about the franchise ethics. That is, based on the factual events. I offer details and correspondence with MRI Network and their parent company CDI Corporation.